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See us at the ‘Home Builder’s Show’, More improvements to our Lendon Trailer, & Snow Days

01. Lendon Trailer from Jones Farm Rd._med.0263


Although February brought us some days that left Jones Valley under a breathtakingly beautiful blanket of snow, (see photos below) the overall weather was, at the same time “soggy”, and less than cooperative for our construction teams. Because of this, the completion of the roads in Phase I has been extended until the end of March.

In the mean time however, the Construction Trailer, located on the LENDON Property, is undergoing another round of changes in anticipation of when the roads of PHASE I are drivable, and housing sales can be finalized.

A roof has been added to the Trailer, and an expansive front porch is in construction to allow our guests plenty of room to relax outside, once the weather improves (see photos). Inside, decorators are also busy, planning a layout that will make sure you, and other guests, are comfortable during your visits with us.

Approximately half of the Home Lots in PHASE I are already under contract, and many of the Brownstones, Live-Work Units, and Home Lots for PHASE II are also now reserved. Though they are going fast, there are however, still a number of exceptional properties available for those interested in living in this beautiful and convenient part of Jones Valley.

Please feel free stop by the LENDON Trailer, or call 256-964-7300 to make an appointment for one of our sales staff to give you a presentation of the LENDON Development. Our Trailer is located on the LENDON Property just off Carl T. Jones Drive, across from Brookdale Place, on Jones Farm Road.

If you can’t make it by our office, be sure to visit us at Booth #812, at the Building Home and Remodeling Show, at the Von Braun Civic Center, March 7-9. Please call us, or contact the Von Braun Civic Center for more information on this event.

Event page – http://www.buildinghomeandremodelingshow.com/


See our full collection of photos for this blog below:

01. Lendon Trailer from Jones Farm Rd._med.0263

Lendon Trailer from Jones Road


02. Trailer Guest Porch addition_med.2462

Trailer guest porch addition


03. Snowbound Equipment_med.0271

Snowbound equipment


04. Snowy LENDON from Jones Farm Park__med.2409

Snowy Lendon from Jones Farm Park


05. Lendon Trailer from Jones Farm Park_med.0283

View from Four Mile Post Road


06. Moon overlooking LENDON_med.2440

Moon overlooking Lendon


07. Pump house from Garth Rd._med.0258

Pump house from Garth Road


08. View towards LENDON from Jones Farm_med.0175

View towards Lendon from Jones Farm


09. Bird overlooking Jones Farm_med.0171

Bird overlooking Jones Farm


10. Jones Valley Snow_med.0200

Jones Valley snow


11. Sunlit Show in Jones Valley_med.0247

Sunlit snow in Jones Valley


12. BIrds overlooking Jones Farm_med.0218

Birds overlooking Jones Farm


13. Jones Farm from Garth Rd._med.0301

Jones Farm from Garth Road