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Frequently Asked Questions

Lendon - a community where you can live, shop, work and play.

Lendon has been designed as a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), a design philosophy based on historic neighborhoods, where homes, shops, businesses, theaters, schools, parks, and other important services are all within a short walk of one another. At the heart of Lendon will be a community center where residents can gather for social functions and other neighborhood events. Lendon's shopping district will offer an array of stores, convenient neighborhood services, and multiple restaurants with varied cuisines.


Who is the developer?

A note from Peter Lowe, Developer of Lendon

"Thank you for exploring Lendon, a residential work of art in Huntsville's thriving and picturesque Jones Valley. Building on the strong, existing foundation, we're now creating a masterpiece of attractive classic architectural concepts. We're committed to Lendon becoming an enhancement to the prestigious legacy of Jones Valley."

Welcome home to Lendon,

Peter Lowe


How is Lendon going to look and feel?

The Lendon community and home designs are inspired by the traditional neighborhoods that are found in the historical areas of cities throughout the South. Twickenham, Huntsville’s most noted historical district, has the architectural charm and inviting streetscape we strive to emulate. Lendon demands the architectural sensitivity necessary to capture the historical charm yet allows for modern floor plans and interior designs to meet today's lifestyles. The historic styles will be an eclectic mix of elevations that add visual richness and position Lendon as a classic "timeless" community.

What amenities are offered in Lendon?

Lendon residents will enjoy:

  • A traditional walking neighborhood in Huntsville’s premier location, Jones Valley.
  • Access to three (3) parks encompassing over 30 acres and Huntsville's Aldridge Creek Greenway Foot Path System that connects Lendon to the Tennessee River.
  • Walking access to over 600,000 square feet of shopping and entertainment including the 19 screen Rave Theater, Super Target, multiple restaurants and a family health facility all nestled within 2,000 acres of open pastures and woodland spaces.
  • Full professional landscape services maintaining the lots, open spaces, streets trees, neighborhood parks, street lights, and sidewalks throughout the community.
  • Each lot owner will be given a Pattern Book fully defining architectural designs to ensure each home and lawn conforms to the highest standards and overall theme of the community.
  • The village is located within the jurisdiction of Huntsville's best performing schools.
How many homes will be in Lendon once completed?

There will be approximately 250 home sites for sale within the 80 acre development once completed. There will also be a village style, pedestrian friendly commercial area and the Lendon House community center offering short-term guest accommodation upstairs.

Is Lendon a gated community?

No. Lendon will not be a gated community. The inspiration for the design of Lendon is the traditional walk-able neighborhoods open to the surrounding area to ensure access to shopping, parks, and other amenities

Who are approved Builders for Lendon? How were these builders selected?

The members of the Lendon Builders Guild were selected because of their craftsmanship, exacting standards, attention to detail, and extraordinary designs. The Lendon Builders Guild members may change from time-to-time.

What are the Lendon Homeowners Association (“LHOA”) fees and what do these fees cover?

The LHOA monthly fees, which will be billed quarterly. vary depending upon the house and homesite type The monthly assessments are subject to annual review and/or revision as outlined in the Bylaws. At the home site closing, there will a working capital fee assessed. Please contact the Lendon sales team for current homeowner fees.

The LHOA fees will cover the following:

  • Landscape maintenance and seasonal planting within all common areas throughout the community.
  • Street tree maintenance.
  • Trails and sidewalks outside of the street ROW that are not maintained by the City of Huntsville.
  • LHOA sponsored social events.
  • Maintenance for each owner/residence covering the landscape maintenance for their lot outside a fenced or gated area.
  • All attached units will be charged a separate LHOA fee unique to each residential grouping for exterior maintenance and roof repairs.

LHOA fees also cover:

  • Insurance reasonably necessary to protect LHOA from liability.
  • Water used to irrigate the entrances and open spaces. If the Developer decides to install a central irrigation system for the entire neighborhood along with each home lot then there will be an addition cost for the maintenance and repairs for the system.
  • Electricity for entry lighting and other landscape lighting in common spaces.
  • Support to the management responsible for maintaining Lendon on a day-to-day basis.

There are additional items not listed above that the LHOA fees cover. All LHOA meetings are open to members and they have an opportunity to participate in leadership positions helping to ensure Lendon remains one of Huntsville's premier communities. The management company will prepare annual budgets for distribution to all LHOA members to reflect the estimated cost to support the community for the upcoming year.

What is Lendon Architectural Review Board ("ARB")

The Lendon ARB is a board of design and building professionals established by the developer to review all homes to be constructed in Lendon with respect to the community covenants and restrictions. This review is based on architectural style, materials and colors, exterior detailing, and site and landscape criteria. The ARB was established to protect the integrity of the community streetscape and overall theme of Lendon. while allowing individual owners to create custom homes that are unique.

What individuals comprise the Lendon Architectural Review Board (“ARB”)?

Mark Goldmon with Matheny Goldmon

Mr. Drew Wharton, ASLA

– Mr. Wharton has a degree in landscape architecture and land planning from the University of West Virginia and was a Professor at the University of Tennessee. Mr. Wharton has over 30 Years experience in land planning and landscape architectural design.

Peter L. Lowe - Developer

Jason N. Johnson - Broker at Lendon

William T. Blue - Architectural Review Compliance 

What is the process that an Owner needs to follow for plan approval?

Upon submitting plans for review, a fee will be required to cover the cost for reviewing. The submitting party will have a maximum of three (3) submittals. The first submittal is to be a preliminary sketch of the proposed home and site layout. This will ensure that the architect is on the right track and that proposed plans conform to the Lendon architectural requirements. The second review will look at the full set of architectural drawings and site layout. The third and final review will address all changes, colors, textures, and landscaping elements. The ARB will establish a fixed meeting schedule at the beginning of each quarter. Design criteria must be submitted to the ARB at least two (2) days before its scheduled meeting if it is to be placed on the docket for review. The ARB will attempt to provide written notice of approval of plans or comments on plans within seven (7) days of its scheduled meeting. If additional reviews are necessary, an additional charge of $500 will be required for each review. Once the ARB has approved the Architectural Plan and Site Plan, no changes may be made without seeking re-approval (additional fees may apply). Upon plan approval, the ARB will issue an acceptance letter required to be submitted to Huntsville City Inspection Department before a Building Permit will be issued.

Is there a specific architectural design that homes in Lendon must follow?

The goal is create a community of distinctive homes conforming to what might be defined as classic Southern architecture. Classic architecture includes Traditional (Georgian, Federal, Greek revival, etc.), Neoclassical and Classical Revival, European (Mediterranean Revival, English Cottage, French Country, Tudor, Baroque, etc.), and American (Craftsman, Bungalow, Foursquare, etc.) among others defined as classic by the Design Review Committee. Each home is to be distinctive yet is to fit into the context of the community plan and architectural theme. As with all aspects of the design review process, flexibility exists and all submittals for construction will be reviewed on an individual basis. A preliminary review of all homes is required in order to provide initial feedback. Although the architectural collection is broad, Lendon will require the architectural detailing to be true and accurate.

How are the design guidelines enforced?

Prior to construction, the selected Builder will deposit with the Developer $5,000.00, to be placed in an escrow account as an architectural compliance and damage security deposit.

The design guidelines will be enforced by the ARB. More specifically, the ARB will regularly visit Lendon and review the homes under construction. Homes that are not built according to the plans as approved by the ARB will be in violation of the design guidelines ("Design Infraction"). 

Builders/Buyers violating the design guidelines will be sent notice of the Design Infraction and will be ordered to remediate the Design Infraction. Within fifteen (15) days of receiving notice of a Design Infraction, the Buyer must make all repairs or changes necessary to correct the Design Infraction. If the Buyer fails to make the repairs within a reasonable time, the Developer shall be free to enter the property and undertake any required repairs, the cost of which shall be paid from the escrow funds, including fifteen (15%) percent of the actual out of pocket cost to cover the Developer's overhead. Any funds not used will be returned to the Builder.

An approval certificate will be issued by the ARB upon completion of construction and submitted to the City of Huntsville as an additional requirement for the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy ("CO").

What are the homesite sizes?

Homesite sizes vary from +/- 800 SF to +/- 8,000 SF. On the larger lots there may be a minimum house size imposed, if warranted by ARB.

The major lot categories are averaged into the following:

(a) Estate 90' x 140'
(b) Manor 55' x 115'
(c) Villa 45' x 115'
(d) Cottage 35' x 115'
(e) Garden 50 x 50'

How do I know if my home will fit on my homesite?

The 'Homesite Profile' is a descriptive outline of various site related elements present on the available home sites in Lendon that may effect the construction of your custom home. The elements included are such items as homesite slope and orientation, the location for a garage, building envelope size, required architectural features, porch locations, and any other special features regarding the homesite. This profile will function as a guide for selecting a specific site and/or determining whether your house plans are suited for a particular site. Additional help can be sought from the Lendon Builders Guild. This process results in an optimum placement of homes on the lots. The final determination of the exact placement of the home is the responsibility of the builder. The Homesite Profile is only available for home sites in current phases.

Are there Home Plans pre-approved for Lendon?

Yes. There is a Lendon Idea Book that has plans and elevations that can be built and/or modified in Lendon.

Can I immediately begin construction once I close on my home site?

Home construction can begin once the ARB has issued an approval letter and the plans have been signed and stamped. Once the Architectural Plan and Site Plan are approved, no changes may be made without seeking re-approval (additional fees may apply). Construction may begin, subject to all fee and escrow funds paid.

How many square feet will the homes be in Lendon?

The average home size in Lendon will vary depending upon the location. Generally, there will be a wide range of sizes to fit the needs of different buyers and their lifestyle. Any home built in Lendon, regardless of the homes size, must meet very high design standards. There may be size limitations levied on certain strategic lots.

Can I build my own home?

No. Only a builder within the Builder's Guild will be allowed to build within Lendon.

What exterior materials are acceptable on homes in Lendon?

Allowable exterior façade materials are brick, wood, Hardi-plank style siding, stone, and stucco (hard coat only). Accent materials include wood and shake. Synthetic stone is acceptable in limited circumstances (subject to ARB approval). Other materials such as stucatto board will be allowed in small areas and only by approval. Combining these materials is permitted and, as with all listed materials, they must be continuous on all sides of the home (no material can stop on an outside corner and no use of 'short returns'). All foundations must be faced with stucco, stone, or brick. Mixing more than two (2) exposed exterior materials will need special permission from the ARB.

The use of an allowable material is subject to the review and approval of the ARB, as certain materials may not be appropriate for a particular style, design, or location of a home.

Is the construction of private swimming pools allowed?

Pools will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Home buyers interested in constructing a pool must include them on the Architectural Plan, Site Plan, and the Landscaping Plans that are submitted to the ARB. Home buyers that wish to construct the above at a later time must submit a formal request to the ARB along with detailed plans. None of the above can be constructed without written approval from the ARB.

Is play equipment allowed?

Children are an important part of the Lendon community and providing a pleasant place for children to grow and play should be a common goal. The type, structure, and design of any semi-permanent or permanent play equipment must be submitted to the ARB for approval before installation. Wood construction is required, except as otherwise may be approved by the DRC. Play equipment composed primarily of metal is prohibited. Play equipment located in the front or a side yard is prohibited. Landscape screening may be required.

What is the requirement on fences in Lendon?

Fence location and style is per ARB approval. Front yard fences, entry gates/walls, and privacy fences will all require ARB approval and must be submitted as part of an overall landscape design. Special attention will be given to the fence designs required adjacent to all open spaces and on High Profile home sites.

What is meant by "High Profile" home sites?

These home sites would be considered high profile home sites because of their orientation or location within the community. This would typically include corner home sites, home sites located along major streets and home sites backing or fronting formal open space.

What is the requirement on driveways in Lendon?

The standard is gray aggregate concrete with a standard broom finish concrete apron (apron is defined as the concrete paved area from the back of curb to and including the sidewalk). ARB must approve any alternate materials for the driveway. No variances will be granted for the broom finish concrete apron.

What are the landscaping criteria in Lendon?
  • To ensure the proper relationship to streets, alleys, and adjacent homes, a site grading plan will be provided by the developer.
  • All homes in Lendon are expected to include a high level of quality landscaping and hardscape. Hardscape refers to items such as walks, drives, and patios, while landscape refers to new plantings and existing natural foliage on the homesite.
Will there be streetlights in Lendon?

There will be some street lights in certain areas. However many streets will not need street lights because of the proximity of homes to the street and the light provided by exterior lights of these homes.

Will there be sidewalks in Lendon?

Yes, there will be sidewalks throughout the community that will connect to the parks and trails. Lendon is a pedestrian oriented community that was designed for people interested in walking and running on the sidewalks and trails. 

What is the "Street Tree Program" at Lendon?

The Street Tree Program was developed to provide the framework for planting and maintaining street trees between the curb and sidewalk. The trees provide an important separation between the pedestrian areas and the street, and help to frame the houses. The developer will plant the street trees in designated areas at the appropriate time.. After the home closing, the homeowner is responsible for the watering of the street trees and LHOA will be responsible for the mulching and pruning of street trees. 

Which schools is Lendon zoned for?

Jones Valley Elementary

Huntsville Jr. High

Huntsville High

31. What utility companies serve Lendon?

Electric Company
Huntsville Utilities

Gas Company
Huntsville Utilities

Water Company
Huntsville Utilities

Phone Company
Cable TV

Lendon Trash/Recycle Collector May be provided by a private company.

How is trash collection done?

The City of Huntsville will be responsible for trash collection.

What will be comprised in the rental units?

Rental units are an integral part of any mixed-use development and become a vibrant part of the community. Rental units provide a different dynamic to the area. Typically the units will attract a younger resident which adds vitality to the community. Rental units , or "Flats" will be strategically located within the neighborhood. Market conditions will dictate the future and as the development unfolds the Flats, Townhouses and Brownstones will vary with demand. All of the attached and rental units will architecturally integrate with the community.