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Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND)

Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND)

In Huntsville, Alabama,
where the Appalachian Mountains make their last southerly appearance to form beautiful Jones Valley,
a bold, new community is being built.

Lendon has been designed as a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), a design philosophy based on historic neighborhoods, where homes, shops, businesses, theaters, schools, parks, and other important services are all within a short walk of one another. At the heart of Lendon will be a community center where residents can gather for social functions and other neighborhood events. Lendon's shopping district will offer an array of stores, convenient neighborhood services, and multiple restaurants with varied cuisines.

In Lendon and other TND's, a variety of house types, sizes, and styles are integrated into the community to accommodate people at different stages of their lives - from young couples and singles to families and empty nesters. And for those that prefer no commute, live-work units offer an increasingly popular and flexible housing option.

Small playgrounds and neighborhood parks are situated within a two- to three-minute walk from any neighborhood location. Street trees, sidewalks and front porches create avenues that encourage walking, biking, and neighbor interaction. Service alleys are used for parking area access and refuse container storage, so they are not visible from the main roads. Interconnected streets with sidewalks are used to disperse traffic while providing a network of walkways.

All of these attributes coalesce to form the unique lifestyle of Lendon - a community where you can live, shop, work and play.

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